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Got talent? Join us onstage this season.

Straight Plays
Cold readings from the script. No roles are pre-cast unless announced before auditions. Scripts may be checked out before the auditions.

Musical Productions
Prepared audition numbers are generally required for musical productions. Pre-cast roles are always announced before auditions.

Upcoming Productions:

"The Art of Dining" by Tina Howe
Tuesday evening, November (tba) at 7 p.m.
The Canterbury Tea Room, 1229 10th Avenue, Greeley
Cold readings from the script

The Players:

The owners:

Ellen: chef extraordinaire, but insecure; needs husband Cal to taste and approve of everything she prepares
Cal: her husband; chief taster; head waiter (in fact, the only waiter); worried about money; goes beserk, eating everything in sight, including the ingredients for Ellen's magnificent menus

The diners:

Table 1 (THE COUPLE)

Helen and Paul Gault: gourmets; go into crisis mode over what to order


Elizabeth Barrow Colt: Childhood experiences have left her with a neurotic fear of food; nervous about meeting her publisher; nearsighted, but refuses to wear her glasses
David Oslow: Self confident son and husband of good cooks; interested in publishing Elizabeth's short stories

Table 3 (THE WOMEN)

Herrick Simmons: enthusiatic and a good eater
Tessa Fox: easily upset and a more neurotic eater
Tony Stassio: perpetually on a diet and miserable

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